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341 W 2nd St, Ste 4, San Bernardino, CA 92401

“Plaintiff claims that he is the owner of [] because he has obtained title to the property by adverse possession. In order to establish adverse possession, Plaintiff must prove that for a period of five years, all of the following were true: 1. That Plaintiff exclusively possessed the property; 2. That Plaintiff’s possession was continuous and uninterrupted; 3. That Plaintiff’s possession of the property was open and easily observable, or was under circumstances that would give
reasonable notice to Defendant; 4. That Plaintiff did not recognize, expressly or by implication, that Defendant had any ownership rights in the land; 5. That Plaintiff claimed the property as his own under [color of title/a claim of right]; and 6. That Plaintiff timely paid all of the taxes assessed on the property during the five-year period.”

[CACI Jury Instructions [citations omitted]]


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