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“[E]xamples of diagnostic and treatment measures which can cause injury [include]: Medication [can produce allergic and toxic reactions, fetal injury during pregnancy, body chemical imbalances from prolonged usage [adrenal steroids, antibiotics, for example], interference with clinical findings and laboratory tests preventing the diagnosis of complications and new illnesses, etc.]; X-ray Contrast Studies [can produce dangerous allergic reactions, such as stroke, homorrhage, etc.]; Direct vision diagnostic procedures [can produce perforation, anesthesia complications, etc.]; Surgery [can produce direct injury to important organs and structures such as liver, spleen, ureter, major artery, etc., hemorrhage, infection, fistula, incisional hernia, peripheral nerve injury, anesthesia complications, loss of skin sensation, internal scar tissue, etc.]; Needle biopsy procedures involving liver, kidney, lung, etc. [can produce hemorrhage requiring surgical repair]; Prolonged bedrest; Immobilization of a joint by cast, traction or prolonged nonuse [can produce a frozen joint, shortening of muscles, injury to peripheral nerves at pressure points, etc.]; Hospitalization [can expose the individual to hospital infections].”

[Stein on Personal Injury Damages [certain citations omitted]]


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