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330 N D St, Ste 542, San Bernardino, CA 92401

“The following facts and circumstances tend to prove the nature and extent of the psychological and social effects of physical disfigurement: Description of infliction of injury; Recovery process [pain, length of disability, number and extent of surgical procedures, evolution of appearance from initial post-trauma to permanent disfigurement]; Objective change in physical appearance [pre-injury appearance, permanence of disfigurement, possibility of improvement through additional surgery]; Present and future negative reactions to others [revulsion, avoidance, staring, ridicule and name-calling]; Present and future changes in perceptual bias of others [loss of perceived competence and intelligence, loss of perceived trustworthiness, loss of access to occupation requiring physical attractiveness, lessened earning ability, loss of desirability as marital or sexual partner, loss of desirability as friend or social contact]; Present and future changes in self-image and life satisfaction [decreased self-esteem, depression, anxiety, embarrassment and humiliation, appearance of psychiatric symptoms]; Present and future changes in social behavior [impaired occupational or educational functioning, lessened ability to concentrate because of preoccupation with appearance, lessened ability to tolerate contact with co-workers or public, deterioration of intimate, family and friendship relationships, avoidance of social and recreational activities].”

[Stein on Personal Injury Damages [certain citations omitted]]


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