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As part of an initial consultation, a personal injury attorney will likely request some or all of the following: 1) That the prospective client not discuss the incident with anyone; 2) If the prospective client is injured, that he or she visit a doctor right away; 3) That the prospective client write down how the accident happened, including what the other party said and what the prospective client may have said, as well as who was present at the scene; 4) That pictures be taken of the vehicle, if an automobile accident, and of injuries to the prospective client; 5) That the prospective client bring to the initial consultation all insurance documents and medical bills, hospital bills and other bills received to relating to the incident.

* This is not legal advice but it is provided as general information regarding areas or topics of discussion in an initial client intake in a personal injury matter [see Disclaimers tab].

[California Practice Guide: Personal Injury [certain citations omitted]]


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