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330 N D St, Ste 542, San Bernardino, CA 92401

“[T]he following facts and circumstances tend to prove the amount of damages that should be awarded as compensation for future medical expenses that a child will incur as a result of an injury: [] Child’s medical history; Child’s present injuries [diagnosis of present injuries, symptoms of present injuries, causal relationship between present injuries and defendant’s act or omission]; Medical treatment that will be required in order to treat present injuries [nature of treatment, duration of treatment, cost of treatment, effect of injuries and treatment on child’s growth and development, potential side effects of treatment]; Medical complications that are likely to develop in future as result of child’s present injuries [Nature of complication, when it is likely to arise, how long it will continue, type of treatment needed to deal with it, cost of treatment]; Need for medical monitoring to detect development of future medical complications; Special items that will be required because of child’s injuries [orthopedic and prosthetic supplies and devices, architectural modifications, automobile modifications]; Reasonable cost of future medical care and other expenses that will be required to treat present injuries and future complications [period of time when costs will be incurred, present cost of similar medical care and other items, prospect of inflation in cost of medical care and other items, present value of prospective future expenses].”

[Stein on Personal Injury Damages [certain citations omitted]]


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